It’s common to question why you should get a facial – Until you get a facial!

Professional spa facials are extremely beneficial for your skin. You will notice your skin will rejuvenate. You’ll notice more life, more buoyancy, more resilience, less blemish.

A professional facial will remove the blackheads your at home blackhead removal strips miss – and yes those strips or peel masks are missing some, I promise. I mean we are talking full removal, 100% clear pores. Your face is going to feel better than it did before acne became an issue for you in middle school.

Your facial is customizable. You can choose a facial based on your skin needs and your comfort level. You name it, there are facials for it. Aging skin, dry skin, cystic skin, eczema, acne, elasticity, dark spots, laser treatment, the list goes on. Determine what issues you want to address and talk to one of our Platinum Salon and Spa specialists to recommend the best facial to start with.

Facials are the YOU TIME you deserve and perfect for Relaxation. Our spa professionals will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere, special treatment, soft music, and anything else we can do to make sure you are feeling great and getting the time you deserve.

We will make sure you leave feeling absolutely fabulous.

Contact Platinum Salon and Spa for your facial appointment today.