Midwest winters are super hard on your skin and hair. The struggle is real – Hat hair or dry frizzy mess, dry, itchy skin and scalp, sand paper lips. But the truth is, you CAN keep your hair and scalp hydrated with just a couple very simple extra efforts through the winter months.

  1. Try to Minimize Heat Styling

Don’t worry, we’re not saying DON’T heat style at all, don’t think we’re asking you to put your straightener into storage or anything like that. We’re just saying use it a little less. Your hair needs a little break when its extra dry. If you can’t cut out a few days a week of heat styling, then try at least using a lower heat setting throughout the winter months. Stylists have recommended dropping your temperature setting by 25% in the winter months since your drier hair needs minimal heat to style.

  1. When Washing – Less is More

It’s true – you can (and should) skip the shampoo a day or two more in the winter than you would in the summer. You’ve got the cold air outside working against you with the dry indoor heat, and your hair is dry and brittle. You’re not perspiring as much, swimming, and doing all those summer fun activities. Over shampooing will dry your hair out even further in the winter. If you’re worried about oily hair, invest in some quality dry shampoo and give your scalp a break from shower shampooing.

  1. Treat yourself to a few BATHS!

You’re shampooing in the shower less, so you might as well use that extra time to relax in the bath tub! It’s the perfect opportunity to not only warm your entire body from the bitter cold, but also spa treat your hair at home with a conditioning hair mask and steamed air for your scalp. Talk to your Platinum Salon and Spa stylist about recommended hair masks and conditioning treatments.

  1. It’s NOT penny pinching – it’s HAIR SAVING

Use your end of the bottle left over moisturizing and skin treatment products on your hair. You know when the bottle of your face moisturizer is so low you get your replacement bottle and just toss the remnants of the previous. Save that, and use those last few dollups or drops on the hair ends. Most anything that can be used to moisturize your skin can also moisturize your hair. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer for your hair. Get every penny of your products worth and help your hair feel healthy again.

  1. Keep up with your Hair Cuts

Clipping those split ends do wonders for keeping your hair healthy. In the winter months your hair dries out and splits much easier. We know you want to grow that hair out, but trust us, clipping it often in the winter will help it grow out so much better. Small clips to keep it healthy every month will save you from having to do a lengthy clip of excessively damaged hair in the spring.


Our stylists at Platinum Salon and Spa will help maintain your hair throughout the winter and can give you some tips, tricks and products to make it a bit easier as well.

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