Lash Extension Care


New to lash extensions? Here are some tips & tricks for how to care for your new lashes! Avoid water for the first 48 hours. Once a new set of extensions

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Should You Get Bangs?


Love the Idea of Bangs? Let’s Find Out if Bangs are Right for Your Look! Have you been dying to try bangs? We’re excited for you! Bangs can be an incredible transformation for many

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Treat Yourself – to a Mani & Pedi at Platinum


Schedule a Mani & Pedi at Our Burlington Nail Salon Are manicures & pedicures an important part of your beauty routine? Platinum Salon & Spa in Burlington, Wisconsin offers Aveda nail services

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Fall Hair Colors – What’s Hot This Year


Get Ready to Make a Statement with these Fall Inspired Hair Colors We’ve still got a good month or so of summer left, but with the back-to-school season starting, there’s no better time

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Hair Trends in 2019


Find Out What Haircuts are Trending This Year Need a change? Transform yourself with a new haircut and/or color! Some amazing haircuts are trending in 2019; and we’ve got you covered with the details.

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Eyelash Extensions – What to Know


The Basics of Semi-Permanent Lashes Eyelash extensions are rapidly growing in popularity. And alongside this trend, eyelash techniques and styling are evolving too. If length and fullness is your lash problem, and mascara

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Keeping your Hair and Scalp Hydrated in the Winter


Midwest winters are super hard on your skin and hair. The struggle is real – Hat hair or dry frizzy mess, dry, itchy skin and scalp, sand paper lips. But the truth is, you CAN

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Short Hair Cuts with Curly Hair – What to Expect


Most women go through the ‘should I go short with my hair’ internal dilemma at least once in their lifetime. You see someone rocking a super cute short cut, and start wondering, could I pull

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TOP 3 Hottest Hair Cuts for Men


The perfect hair cut can turn your average into attractive, boost confidence and bring out a whole new you. Of course, you need the key features: Presentable, Low-Maintenance, and Simple Styling. Here are some of

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Hot Fall/Winter Hair Trends for 2018/2019


Hot Fall/Winter Hair Trends for 2018/2019 - As Seen in Fashion Week Alright Ladies – Get ready for this! We are bringing back the 90s in hair trends BIG TIME. We checked out

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