Brows to Brazilians $12.00 – $65.00

Is your body hair getting out of control? Choose Platinum Salon & Spa in Burlington for professional waxing services. Catering to both women and men, we utilize the highest quality waxing products and techniques to assure beautiful skin and hairless results. Aveda waxing treatments ensure your skin is properly cared for, both before and after hair removal. A consultation with our waxing therapists will help us determine the right skin and body care products to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin; providing the best results with the highest level of comfort. Our caring approach and clean, private waxing environment will make your visit a relaxing one. From brows to bikinis and every part in between, our Aveda Spa is the right choice.

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Professional Waxing Services Burlington Wi


Eye Brow Waxing and Shaping – Faster and Lasts Longer than Tweezing

Lip or Chin

Lip and Chin Waxing to keep your facial hair in check


You won’t believe how clear you can smell and breath – Nose Waxing has benefits even if you don’t have long hairs

Full Face

Full Facial Waxing – Get it all done in one fell swoop


Neck Hair Waxing – because let’s face it – unwanted hair grows EVERYWHERE

Full Leg

Full Leg Waxing – Shaving is tedious, let us just get it done for you!

Half Leg

Half Leg Waxing – Sometimes you only need from knee down or knee up – We can do that.

Full Arm

Full Arm Waxing – Unwanted Arm Hair can be a pain, don’t strain yourself trying to shave

Half Arm

Half Arm Waxing – Because sometimes you only need from the elbow down or elbow up

Under Arm

Let’s face it – shaving your armpits daily is no fun – Under Arm Waxing lasts longer

Full Back

Be Realistic, Shaving the back is impossible – Full Back Wax

Half Back

Half Back Wax – Because sometimes hair doesn’t get unruly everywhere


Chest Wax – Before you hit the pool, beach or take that shirt off anywhere, Chest Wax.


Ear Hair Waxing – You’ll be amazed at wonders this can do for you!


Stomach Waxing – Truth is unwanted hair grows there too..


Toe Hair There? Toe Waxing followed by a pedicure is the perfect treat.


Finger Hair Waxing – Follow it with a manicure for the ultimate pamper.


A Bikini Wax is Always in Season!


You don’t have to live in Brazil to want a Brazillian Wax – and guess what?? It lasts longer than shaving!!

Professional Waxing Services Burlington Wi

Finding the right waxing professional is an important decision for men and women. Whether it’s your eyebrows, chest, or bikini area, you want a waxing ritual that suits your unique skin needs and lasts longer. Platinum Salon & Spa is worth the drive; whether you live in Burlington, Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Waterford, Muskego, Kenosha, Racine, or the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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